Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake (and Welcome!)

Hello! Welcome to the vanilla cake! I’m so happy to (metaphorically) see you! For a while now I’ve been looking for a place to share tales of my travelling adventures and my various shenanigans in and around the oven. Inspired by various friendly blogger-types and creative bodies I finally decided to create this! And what better way to open than to share some devilish deliciousness in the form of a Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake from the fantastic brain of Nigella Lawson – self-proclaimed domestic goddess and fellow Nutella worshipper! I love Nutella. Soooooo much! When I discovered they come in 5kg jars in European crepe shops I have never been so excited. When I was on exchange and I was too poor/lazy to buy bread it quickly dawned upon me to skip the middle man, which is really a dull carbohydrate vehicle, and go straight for a spoon! Ten minutes later 3/4 of the jar was gone, along with most of my dignity. I figure putting Nutella in a cake is a slightly classier (and even more delicious!) way of devouring an entire jar! The recipe can be found here on Nigella’s website. Enjoy!Image

Just a note I baked it for more than the recommended time because my oven isn’t fanforced, but the centre was still pretty wobbly when I took it out. This is ok! Like a lot of brownie recipes, this cake is very fudgy so it won’t necessarily be completely solid when you take it out, but it will solidify as it cools – as long as the edges are starting to shrink away from the side of the tin then you know it’s done. 🙂

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