La Belle Miette

I work at a macaron shop – sadly not making the macarons but selling them – so I spend my days surrounded by a rainbow of sugary delicacies. Fleur de sel caramel, earl grey chocolate, cherry blossom and sake, violet and blueberry… It was very hard the first few days not to stuff my face with all the stock! To clarify, macarons are French biscuits invented by the Parisian brand Laduree and consist of two rounds of almond meringue sandwiched with buttercream or ganache. Macaroons are moist Italian coconut cookies, often piped into little pyramids. I’m amazed at how many books and articles I’ve found on macarons that have got the two confused!!
Despite being around these beautiful sweets for over a year now, I have never actually attempted to make them – mainly because they are quite fiddly, and can often take a couple of days of preparation to do the egg-white ageing method which is really the best way to ensure they behaves the way you want them to. However I am certainly very eager to try! Have an flavour suggestions or found a good recipe? Leave me a comment below I’d love to hear them!
La Belle Miette is only in Melbourne, Australia, but if you’d like to know more about them check out




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