Best picnic chicken sandwiches

Yesterday me and a few friends went to spring races in Yarra Glen – a winery region just outside of Melbourne. We’re not really betting people, but it was a great excuse to sit outside surrounded by beautiful scenery, wearing fancy clothes and have a picnic! There’s something really satisfying about watching horses round around a track while you drunk champagne and stuff your face with delicious food!
As soon as I heard the word picnic I immediately thought of these chicken sandwiches. They’re based on a sandwich on the menu of one of my favourite bars, Madame Brussels. It was the favourite snack of a few friends of mine who never seemed to have time to eat before meeting up for Pimms – and trust me, this is the perfect accompaniment to a large jug of summery cocktail!! The Tabasco is what makes this sandwich incredible – the spicy vinegary-ness cuts through the creamy mayonnaise perfectly. Gherkins are a nice side as well. If you like a bit of crunch to your sandwich, add some mixed leaves like spinach and arugula after you’ve toasted the bread.
I’ve written exact quantities for this but really I just do it by eye, so they’re a guide only – feel free to alter depending on your taste.

Best Chicken Sandwiches

a roast chicken (you can find them in supermarkets near the deli or at your local chicken shop)
1/3 cup good-quality mayonnaise
a handful of chives (thyme would work well too)
white bread (good quality)
Tabasco to serve

Start by stripping the chicken of its flesh, discarding the skin. Try and get as much as the meat off as possible, in bite-sized chunks. Put in a large bowl with the mayonnaise and chopped chives and stir gently so that the mayonnaise just coats the chicken. Spoon onto slices of bread and, if you can, toast in a sandwich toaster or grill until the bread is toasted (for a more golden colour spread the outside of the bread with a little butter). Add a few dashes of Tabasco and eat warm!


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