A big decision

Today I took a big step. I’ve decided to go gluten-free. Just for a month to start with, and maybe permanently after that, but let’s just take it in baby steps!

I have long suspected that I might be coeliac, gluten and I have never been close, and I have had a lifelong love/hate relationship with bread, leaning more towards hate. I just don’t see the appeal, it’s like eating a sponge.

I have a few friends at work who have made the switch. ‘For the first month everything tastes like corn, and then you start feeling amazing,’ my supervisor says, while expounding upon the virtues of gluten-free pasta. The sounds of it appealed to me, but then I remembered scones and cake and baking and it all sounded too hard, I’ll-go-eat-a-giant-bowl-of-crumble-now-thank-you!

But the scales have shifted and I’m sick of feeling ill and lethargic all the time, so I’ve swallowed my pride and started looking gluten-free goodies for me to bake.

Today is Day 1.

My breakfast options were reduced to half a mango and Greek yoghurt. Both delicious but not very filling, and I spend my train journey into the city dreaming of pancakes. I met my grandparents at the gallery cafe and sat for half an hour staring at a mountain of pain au chocolat and almond croissants. As for lunch and quickly realised there were only two things on the menu I could eat – even the salad of the day had pasta in it.

Yep. This is going to be hard.



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