Running a bit behind! Let me catch you up with Krabi.

I’ll admit when we first decided to go to Krabi I had no idea what was there or why we were going, but it turned out to be one of my favourite place in Thailand! It’s a really chilled out place which lives up to its motto of lively town, lovely people! Our first stop when we arrived was the local Night Market about a block from our hostel where we feasted on the most amazing local food! Steamed curried fish in banana leaves, grilled squid, tempura mussels and fresh coconut ice cream – we tried it all! Lots of cute handicrafts stalls as well, and batik painting for 20 baht!

The next day we did a boat tour of Four Islands off the coast of Krabi. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking: huge limestone rock formations surrounding impossibly white beaches laced with lush green jungle and aqua seas. Pretty much paradise guys. It was a scorching hot day, so we spent a lot of time swimming and snorkelling to stay cool and lying on the roof of the boat eating pineapple and watermelon. I really like doing day-trips like this – not only because they’re super cheap in Southeast Asia, but it’s a really good way to meet other travellers as well, which particularly of you’re travelling alone I find invaluable. It also means you can see places that’s really difficult to do on your own: transport-wise, etc.

That evening was back to the Night Market for more food, souvenir shopping and a fire show by some local daredevil. Next day it was off to the North – a totally different Thailand!







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