Arm-knitting adventures

After over two months of travelling I find myself back in my cosy little room in Melbourne, with my big comfy bed and my own bathroom and tea collection…and with absolutely nothing to do. Work is quiet, and I find job hunting so soul destroying that I’ve been putting it off as long as possible. Thus for the last week or so I have really been doing nothing except watching Homeland and playing Lego computer games and feeling guilty about how unproductive I am. Finally I decided I should be using this time for good and I’ve started trying out all the various crafty projects I have been putting off for ages! For my first creative procrastination adventure, I attempted arm-knitting.


I have wanted to do this ever since I saw a YouTube tutorial link on the Frankie website – it looked so ridiculously easy to do and you can complete a whole infinity scarf while watching an episode of Game of Thrones – score! This appealed to me first because I love doing arty stuff with my hands – smudging charcoal onto paper, kneading dough, making little models, fun fun fun! And I suck at knitting with needles, it all just ends up in a big knotted blob of wool! Turns out I’m much better with my arms, even if I did have to unpick it the first few times.


The tutorial video was made by a crafty group called Handimania and it goes through the steps slowly and clearly. And if infinity scarves aren’t your thing, just don’t do the final steps! I’d love to see what else I can make with arm knitting, maybe a loose shawl or a shabby chic style blanket. I reckon a lot of people will be getting scarves as birthday presents this year, it was really fun to do, and makes my days of tv marathoning feel so much more productive!




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