Living Below the Line – Day 3 (Stock Cubes and Macarons)

Today was the first day I had to work at the macaron shop since starting the challenge, and oh did the stakes get higher! Morning shifts are hard anyway, because even when I am not living under the poverty line, you are inevitably always ravenous by the end of it. Walking 40 minutes to work does not help, because although I feel and fit and healthy and planet saving and stuff, I am now pretty peckish before I’ve even started my 5 hour shift. Morning shifts are also notoriously quiet, which means after cleaning the entire store and rearranging everything that is not fixed to the floor, I HAVE NOTHING TO DO BUT STARE AT SWEET SUGARY DELICIOUSNESS!!! The fight was hard, guys. And I almost succeeded.


Until my coworker came to relieve me and convinced me that the two macarons I get free with every shift does not count towards my $2 budget. Becuase they are free. And delicious. And there are new flavours, which obviously for work I should sample because what if a customer asks me about them?? As a good employee it is my DUTY to sample all the flavours….

Yeah so I ate two macarons. Forgive me I have sinned.

But then I feel I make up for it by eating nothing but soup for every other meal. I must admit I was skeptical of my $0.85 ‘chicken style’ stock cubes and their promise that one dissolved in water would make ‘a delicious consummé’, but it was actually pretty decent. BEST OF ALL IT MAKES FROZEN VEGETABLES EDIBLE!!! Imagine me running around the kitchen with my hands in the air that was basically my reaction. The butter test will have to wait…


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