Living Below the Line: Day 4

I don’t understand how I did it. Seriously, how did this happen?! How did I end up with too much food. Unless I absolutely stuff my face tomorrow, which is very tempting, I will actually have leftover supplies. Although there is a sense of satisfaction in knowing that I have excess food on such a tiny budget, it is slightly annoying to know that I could have eaten more in those first couple of days! Though there wasn’t ever a time where I felt ravenous, or uncomfortable, or frustrated during this challenge. Sure there were times when I felt hungry, but not in a painful way. Would it dimish the experience to say that I found Living Below the Line quite managable? Of course I’m sure the longer I continued to do it the harder and more malnourished I would become, but for just five days it really wasn’t as tough as everyone warned me it would be. This is also down to good preparation: strategic meal planning and shopping around for the cheapest price on goods definitely helped stretch my budget, as well as the willingness to make things from scratch, like flatbread, instead of going for easier, more expensive options. My greatest weapon? Canned tomatoes. They become the holy grail of budget eating: cheap, tasty, versatile and easy to make meals out of with other cheap ingredients.

So today I finished the last of my dahl with some flatbread and then I treated myself to TWO dinners! Tomato soup, then pasta with frozen vegetables and a big knob of butter (butter test success – smashes flavour on those frozen veg!) One more day to go, and I don’t even have to worry about hoarding food for the future! Happy Thursday everyone! 🙂


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