Surface Pattern design

Finally my gruelling contract has ended and I can actually focus on putting a portfolio together. Throughout the last few months I’ve spent my spare hours collecting old doodles and photographs of flowers (of which I have MANY) and using them as inspiration for my own range of pattern designs. I’m still finding my feet in this field so I’m not sure how perfect they are yet, but when I discovered surface pattern design it was what I could only describe as a lightbulb moment.


I’d always loved patterns: I’d always been drawn to them and I liked copying them when I was younger, eventually making my own pieces on Illustrator. Yet it never actually dawned upon me there were people out there who made patterns for a living.

Nothing else, just patterns.

And they got paid for it.

golden meadow_logo

This made me very very excited and ever since then I have been trying to make as many patterns as I can to start finding ways to get my work out there in the world. There’s still so much to learn, and that really doesn’t scare me, because it just means there’s still so much more room for me to discover and develop and get better and better. 🙂

coral sprigs dispersed-logo

mixed florals-logo

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