Living Below the Line – Day 2

Frozen vegetables are probably the most boring thing on this planet. What is worse, they seem to suck the flavour out of everything I put them in an I am left with a flavourless bowl of boring flavourless untasty boring food. Yummy spicy dahl? NO MATCH FOR FROZEN VEGETABLES! They easily transformed a flavourful dish into a boring bowl of mush. Tomato pasta sauce?? VIOLATED BY FROZEN VEGETABLES!! I added a cup of the perilous mixture and lo, pasta was made dull, and there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I have one final weapon against the terrible force that is frozen vegetables, one final trick up my sleeve that they will NEVER see coming!


Butter is amazing. Butter makes everything better. The French understand the magical powers of butter. They make fried eggs and mushrooms taste so much better, mashed potatoes are not the same without them, croissants are practically pure butter, NEED I SAY MORE!!!! I will conquer the frozen vegetables with butter AND THERE WILL BE MUCH REJOICING!!!

Ok so apparently the empty feeling in my stomach has started to affect my brain. But actually I still feel fairly cognizant – I can even use words like cognizant – and it’s more the lack of flavour and limitation of ingredients that is bothering me. Breakfast is probably one of my most satisfying meals flavourwise – because I can slather my flatbread in butter (the flatbread I have mastered now!) and I have a newfound love of bananas. Things are coming up Milhouse.