Degustation diary: Oysters

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday, so my brother and I treated him to a fancy birthday dinner at Cumulus Inc in Melbourne. Dad loves seafood, so we feasted on mussels and flounder and clam chowder, and oysters. I had never had oysters before; they had always intrigued but I had always been too scared or too poor to try them! But finally, under Dad’s coercion and with the help of white wine, I decided to try them! Oysters taste like the sea. Or the beach more specifically. I was expecting them to be salty, but to me oysters are like going to the seaside in your mouth – the sea breeze, the smell of salt on the sand, that taste you get in the back of your mouth after you’ve been dunked by a wave.

Anyone have a thought on oysters or great recipes to share? Leave a comment!